Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

well, i havent updated this in a bit...last night i went out to jeff's and saw kim and jeff and bill and adam...ordered pizza with adam and talked about stereo pr0n. heh. we all watched pump up the volume which is an awesome movie, i might just have to add that to my small collection. talked to kevin, maybe going out to a guy's house in west seattle that i went to HS with later tonight...we'll see. actually, the most exciting news is that i talked to, and got an email from ARI! hehe...so, i was on and she came into chat and i got to talk to her a bit, learned that she is ok, very good to hear from her : D

she emailed saying she wanted to try being my friend again. i'm glad she is, i missed her and was worried out of my mind the whole time since i hadn't really heard from her, and wasn't sure if she was ok, alive or anything. it's hard to know how to react when a friend who is close to possibly dying just disappears, even if she'd done it before, because i care about her and just couldn't not wonder where she had been or if she was alive still. : / anyhow, it's good to hear from her, and to know she is sorry about the way she had been acting towards me...well [hugs] go out to her...i'm just glad to know she's alive and doing somewhat well. [nods]

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