Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

i forgot to mention that some of you all know at least one of the guys that was at Neal's house last night...Andrew Aldassy... wow did he look different when i walked into Neal's. he got tall and thin. and passed out. *G*

also, Karen Barnett was there with some people that went to IMS, and live really close to me, were on my bus in middle school. also talked to my friend kevin's friend eric cross, about the way the party and those people tend to be very low class, and how much he disliked the group. he said he hates the UW too for similar reasons. he's a cool guy. hrm...no one else was there that y'all know i don't think. unless from other places which i wouldn't have a clue about. got to talk to this guy from my school, Pat, who went to harvard on a football scholarship, talked to him about the state of the presidential election, and how the country is so much of an engine now. He said he thinks there will be a violent outbreak at some point in order to change things...I tended to disagree, saying that it would most likely be a technological revolution, and not a physical one which would change the state of our contry's government. anyhow, the party was decently amusing, although very disappointing as far as the behavior of my ex-classmates. oh well, what can i really expect.

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