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Sun, Aug. 13th, 2000, 05:56 am

just got back from my friend neal's house. i left to go drive around, possibly stopping at people's houses when i stopped at my friend kevin's house. him and his friend eric cross who also goes to UW were heading to my friend Neal's house, because he was having people over, since his parents are out of town for the week. So I hung out there all night...had some interesting times, a WHOLE lot of guys from my high school showed up, and so i got to see them...and scarily enough, a lot of them ended up taking girls who were either drunk and compliant, or not drunk and compliant, upstairs to have sex in the various rooms of neal's house. scary. so i chilled, talked to the remaining guys and had a blast. it was fun to see people, i had fun taking pictures with my camera of various drunk people, O'Dea and not, passed out and with/without people having messed with them. ah well...it's all in good fun. but now i'm home and i think i will try to go to bed in a bit, once i check out what's been goin on while i've been out.