Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

havennt posted here for a bit...been rather a slacker on it.

last night i fell asleep around 4pm and woke around 6:30, thinking it was 6 am, and turned on my alarm so i wouldn't miss work. when my mom woke me at 7:22, i thought, oh it's time for work, why didn't my alarm go off? i went into the computer room to find my sister surprisingly awake[since it was only 7:22 in the morning supposedly] and went back to my room for a sec. looked at my clock and changed it to 7:25 am, or whatever time it was and then went out again, go on the net...a few minutes later i realized...oh wait. dinner+people awake+clock being wrong=clock being absolutely right. so i changed it back. heh.

then i realized i was going to go to jeff and adam's to see kim and hang out there with all. talked to bill for a while, then went and watched jeff and kim fill out housing apps. watched muriel's wedding with bill kim and jeff, as it was almost over all kinds of people showed up after a show they went to...danny, leah, jag, rich, chad, gary, hrm...i think that is everyone...anyhow...gave jag a ride home and then went home and went to bed. tomorrow is the last day of camp...strange i suppose. it might be the last time i ever work at the camp unless i come back next summer and find a job which would accomodate working there for 4 weeks during the day. feeling a bit alone today. not really sure why, and not depressed about it, just feeling alone. it's almost nice to know i don't feel depressed about feeling a bit aside from everyone. even though it is still lame. ah well, i should work on my book or something i suppose. i need to take more time to set aside to do the things i keep planning on, and not push them aside for other things which come up all of a sudden and such.

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