Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

last night was fun, and a bunch of too much at once, i wish i could have spread the things out a bit instead of pushing them together.

anyhow, so i went to bell square to meet danny and adam and added a dvd to my collection, somewhat just for humor value-Bad Lieutenant [smirk] hehe. so we went around the mall a bit, danny had to get some things, looking for a birthday present for his dad. he didn't find what he wanted for his dad so we went to barnes and noble and looked at books. then we went to adam's and sat and watched some dvd extras. we tried to make a "smart 'Porky's'," but it wasn't quite what we thought it would be...then i called lisa and talked to her for a while. kim called and tried to get through on call waiting but i didn't know and the third toime she called i attempted to pick it up and was successful, she told me to tell jeff to call her, and tried to come over before i left, but wasn't successful. doh. -since i left to go hang out with lisa at my house. she brought her photos she took for her class this year and showed them to me. some really neat things. :) then i showed her some of my stuff. we ended up both on the internet in my computer room on different computers...hehe, that was funny. then she left, i watched tv with my sister for a bit, and then woke and went upstairs to see a msg from julia on irc. she said she's gonna call tomorrow. tonight i'm just taking it easy...mmmm-sleep.

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