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Sun, Aug. 6th, 2000, 01:46 pm

i had another wierd dream last night. i can only remember some parts of it however...although this one part was where i was a girl, and this boy was getting angry because he wanted this little heart thing. like it was some sort of powerful amulet or something. I had one, and he wanted his half, but i wouldn't give it to him...it was in the shape of a heart and went in this little pink container. i hid it inside another container and put it in a drawer in my rooom and he came looking for it. he looked in the drawer for some reason, and i was able to hide it under a piece of paper for a bit, then sneak it out of the drawer, but every time i almost hid it again he figured out what i was doing and asked if i just hid it somewhere else. He was getting REALLY angry and starting to yell in this deep demonic voice, and it was frightening but it was like i still had all the power... i hid it behind my desk, and then he asked/screamed at me again, but this time i was able to distract him. i can't remember all the rest of the dream, but there were parts where i, as myself, and some other people were in this building with a glass window, and it was night time. we were looking out and on this window seat and jumping around and stuff...and day time we were outside jumping around. i can't remember what we were doing really though. i have the strangest dreams...i swear. i mean seriously...