Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

hrm, ok so i have a few things i want to enter in my journal that once again no one will read. ah well, this is for me, yes?

ok, so i woke around 7 or a bit later from a really frightening nightmare about me and all my friends[strangely enough all the old clark friends] in this old white car. we were driving around, turning around in off and on ramsp and wird things like that on the freeway. and then at some point we ended up at my house, but it wasn't my house. and we were sitting there and these punk wigger kids came out and were looking at the car and then, while we were in it they shot up the tires and shot through the car. i was so afraid me or one of my friends was going to get shot, but somehow we didn't and then some other kids came out of my house and shot the kids who were shooting at us. like i said, strange. so i got out and talked the kids, thanked them and said i don't know what. but then we looked at the holes in the car and one of us if not mre should have been shot, but i don't know who and no one was hurt. it was really wierd. i know there was more to the dream, driving artound and all, but that was the part that stuck in my mind. the wierd, possibly meaningful part.

so i woke and went and talked on irc for a while, then went over to my uncles house, which is about half a mile away for dinner. we had meat and stuff, but all i was able to have was salad, and they even forgot and put bacon in that. ok, so i was hungry and hadnt noticed it until i had already started eating it, so i finished, plus i was hungry and all there was was salad and bread. before dinner i rode around on the 4 heelers my uncle and one of our neighbors have. that was fun, and then after dinner i had some screwdriver. with my fam and neighbors there. it was great. i really needed that loosener these days. so i drank more, probably had about 5-6 drinks really, but in less drinkage. but it was reasonable and within my limits, so it was fun. we went 4 wheeling back in the woods by my road, where it looks like a horse pasture, and that was great. i want to do that again. then we came back and i went in the hottub. got out and came home. we didn't have any milk for my dad's espresso, so i went to the store[that was the most i had ever driven drunk, but i really wan't drunk.]. i got milk and saw joel, who told me who it wqas that had their car stolen from denny's and that the kid later tried to steal a roundtable delivery car. this kid who stole the car was really kind of a dumbass. i took pity him once, but now i just feel bad for him. oh well. i came home with donuts for my family and talked outside with my mom and dad and almost was falling asleep because i was ready to sleep. i'm still tired from sleeping btw. oh well. things are alright. oh, and when i came home to get my sister home to get her bathing suit, i came into irc to see jag and kim talking and talked to kim. just a bit, but i really hope she makes good on what she said. i miss seein her, and i'm really sorry for being wierd lately. i've been stranged out for some reason and acting wierd. i'm not sure if it's really for no reason, as i may have been sinsing things, but i just want to know some people are still my friends. i have been down about it lately. ah well...anyhow. time for bed i suppose. i love you all,[no this isn't the alcohol talking] and i just hope to see you all soon. sorry again faith about not making it for your moving, i forgot to email you personally afte i posted about jeopardy to my journal. anyhow. bedtime i guess, and i hope none of us get shot...y'know? : /

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