Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

went to keopardy with lisa, she answered enough of the first 10 questions right, so she got to go back an hour later for a test. Meanwhile we waled arounf emp because I wanted to look at the building, and then got food and went back. I went and read while she was in there, and then she came out after the test because she didn't make it. Ah well, she said it was hard, and that it was fun anyhow. :) After I dropped her at her car in Factoria I went homme and went to 3 different garage sales to see if they had records. One had some old 78rpms and another had a bunch of blues and 70s records. i got a Ton of new records for only like 10 bucks. even though some of them are 78s they are cool enough that I will turn them by hand : ):)
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