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Wed, Aug. 2nd, 2000, 01:52 am

went and hung out with carley at her house for a bit and then caravanned over to the house she's sitting and tamed the wild guard dog. pat got there and we watched an episode of mst3k, "eegah" and i sort of fell asleep near the end. *g*... woke and watched "everything you wanted to know about sex. *but were afraid to ask" from the middle of the second bit. great movie :) i'm thinking of buying that woody allen box set...but i'm a bit broke at the moment. anyhow, came back to jess' house and talked to lisa a bit online. talked to some other friends online, including a friend who was in germany all year for school and is finally back. going to bed now though. seeing as how heather isn't posting tonight, maybe this will be the last post of the evening in some circles. hehe. night.