Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

So finally met up with Heather at about 1:35 in Issy, and she offered to drive to the falls. Great, my car was a total mess, and so I took her up on it. : ) We got there and it was reallly crowded, got going and went to the top of the falls, a little further and turned back and then sat down at a railed switchback and talked and had some sandwiches she had made. Yay! Bringing sandwiches was rockin, all I had brought was clif bars, since the hike isn't really that long or intense. But we ended up sitting and talking there, being spazes until somewhere about 6:00 maybe? We walked back down the trail, stopped by the river and talked more until around 7 and then got up and went to the car, drove back to the Quah and decided to get some food. We ate at the 12th Ave Cafe, and I had probably the best service and the best food there I've ever actually had. Which, while still not extraordinary, was good, better than I've had from them in the past. The waitress rocked too. She advised us when we needed to order or we'd lose our priority in being served after a large group came in, and then gave us a piece of pinapple cake for free because it was the last piece. What a deal, she got a 30 percent tip or so. : ) Then, making our way back to the park'n'ride around 8 something, sat and talked til 10 or so and then called it a night. Mad fun hiking and talking to Heather, I must say. We must hang out more. [nods]

Then I got home, and knew there would probably be the contingent of my neighbors getting drunk at my house, but they are good, friendly, sweet-heart drunks, and so it is just too damn cute. They left and came back like 4 times on the four-wheelers my uncle has. Finally I came up here to check out what had been goin on quickly and they left, so I stayed up here and started to write this post. My neighbors are great. They are great people...and I appreciate them a lot since we've never really been close with any of our neighbors and so having this kind of a "family" is really appealing in some ways. These guys may not be the most intellectual people, but they are somewhat intelligent, and more importantly very good people. Too bad I'm away now that we[as a family] finally have friends as a group. It makes me happy now, as I've grown to like it over time. Well, good enough update for now. Feeling a bit tired.

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