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Sat, Jul. 29th, 2000, 01:37 am

Thinking I will go to bed and get up around 10 or 11 and organize tomorrow's hike. Tried to get back to studying Greek after being distracted multiple times, but finally got to it and was looking and I realized I was too tired and was falling asleep. Now that I'm distracted again I'm not tired. Bah, why is it that I can only stay awake doing what I'm not supposed to be doing? : / Ah well, so I am completely unpproductive once again. Depending of course on how you define productive. So time for bed I suppose. Got a call back from Sara, she had been camping for the past week it turns out. That's a nice turn. I'll have to call her again. Maybe see what she's doing on sunday. agh, ok, time for bed...go now, no more distractions.