Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

got to camp fine today.. Today has been Completely uneventful compared to yesterday...[wipes brow]. Yesterday was a very interesting day, all in all.
Camp-Tim Noah.
@Jessica's-Fight w/Jessica.
@Jessica's-talked to every member of her family about the incident, resolved it all. Ate dinner.
@Jessica's-Heard from the car shop. Car was ready, called Reg and went to hang w/him before he left. We went to Pat's and watched a hilarious episode of Family Guy. Then me and Pat took Reg home so he could go catch his flight, and we went to get food, then watched Brazil. What a great film. :)
Went to my house, got on the net. Hung out and checked my e-mail. Got some email while I was online. Good stuff. :) Told my mom about Tim Noah as she got on my case about getting to bed. Waited for another e-mail and then went to bed so as not to make my mom mad.
Today was nothin. Except I got a cool email this morning before I left for work. Have to reply to it now that I have time. : ) Oh, and I Did hit a mailbox when i broke my tire. I went to see if I could talk to the people who owned it, but no one was home when i went. Will go back later. Now, to get to that email.

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