Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

went out to the beach and watched people spin fire...i have a bunch of really neat pictures, including ones of adam spinning fire to UL. went and ate at denny's, then we went back to adam's and watched SLC Punk. i drove here to jessica's, to sleep before camp, but damnit, on the road to her house, probably only a mile or so away i nodded off unexpectedly[i thought i was fine until i would get there] and i went off the road. : ( i blew my tire and knocked up my right front rim, and i didn't have my spare this time. so i left my car up a side street and took my valuables and walked here. i couldn't tell if i hit a mailbox or anything because it was dark, but i'm not sure : / i will be going back tomorrow afternoon after camp to take care of it all...i just wish i had put my spare in my back like my dad insisted. damn.
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