Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

well, camp has been fun. except i hurt my back picking up kids in a badd lifting manner. anyhow, went home last night to sleep in my own bed and take a bath, then came back today for camp. our bathroom type accidents went up by a factor of 2 today, we had two pooped pants instead of the one we had yesterday...mmm, i don't know how i'l handle it if i have to change a kid...i don't do well with feces. i'd probably just buck up and do it however. anyhow, things are still great, camp is fun, the kids are great...some of the kids i've had in past years are there this week, and that is fun to see how they've developed in the past couple years. talked to danny finally, kim called and it was wierd because i ran out to my car to check my phone messages while i was talking to danny and kim had just called and left a message. it was strange. called her back and she was on the phone, but she's supposed to call back. anyhow, camp is going well, stilll getting into camp and haven't had a chance to work on my book, but i've been finding myself thinking about my next book...not telling what it's on, but i had some ideas for it. almost typoed odes...hey, that might just be what i should do for that...a couple odes. heh *g*...anyhow, later.

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