Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

got back from NIN about 3:30-4 today and took it easy since i didn't get much good rest last night. but NIN was good, saw my cousin there which was unexpected and sort of strange, but neat at the same time. that side of my family isn't very cose, there are too many expectations put on us and a few of my cousins Really don't fit into that including me and she is one of them. anyhow, i updated my website and it is as full and upadated as it could be, although not as pretty, since i could have placed some of the photos in the category instead of just in galleries, but the content is pretty full. well, time to pack. i am leaving tomorrow, so mail me if you want to go get lunch tomorrow before i leave. i think that could be a good plan cuz i'd like to see y'all before i leave. anyhow...time to go get my clothes and things packed. i will call whomever emails me and try to think of a good place to go and find a good time. later...packing, yes. : ( will miss y'all

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