Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

hehe i took another of those tests at emode. i figured this one would be entertaining for some people to read : )

Are you loony?


less loony                                                                                             more loony

There are people whose actions often cause other people to think "what a nut," and you can probably be one of those people sometimes. There are times when you might do things just to get a reaction out of other people. Some of these things could make your friends and family just shake their heads and smile. However, you probably also show some level restraint. If you do do something a little crazy, you have probably thought through the consequences first, and then go ahead and enjoy yourself.


less emotional                                                                          more emotional

You are out of control, but in a fun way, when it comes to emotionally looney behavior. It seems that you probably stretch the limits in terms of what you are willing to do for the sake of your emotions, or to express your emotions to others. This could imply a willingness to step out of normally acceptable bounds to get across your point. You might also be someone who has extremely strong emotions, whether they be positive or negative. You might want to learn to moderate your emotional behavior a little, just to keep a little balance in your life - letting your emotions rule your looney behavior could get you in trouble sometimes.


less public                                                                                            more public

In the area of public and physical insanity, you seem to be someone who will do pretty much anything! Your stunts, actions, and visible manifestations of looniness reach new limits. This could mean that you enjoy doing things that other people think are goofy or off the wall, and you probably don't mind when people laugh at you. This might also imply a strong desire for fun and excitement in your life as well as a desire to be the center of attention. This is a great characteristic because it usually makes other people laugh. But this tendency also needs to be moderated with some common sense. You might want to be careful not to be seen ONLY as someone who does looney things - because it could disappoint you later when people won't take you seriously in more serious situations.

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