Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

yesterday was interesting i guess...i would rather have gone out to do soething outdoors, like hiking or something since it was s nice, but no one was around or all had plans already i guess. so i did errands, went to costco, tried to go to the electronics store on northrup way to see if they had inverters for cheaper than radioshack, but they were closed once i got there, and so i bought it at radioshack just to get it done with and since i didn't know whether they had it for cheaper or at all anyways so i wasn't going to go back. bought a big cd book to put my music in, i guess i should do that soon. i bought 3 dvds at costco since they were pretty cheap comparatively to other places i've seen them on sale. i bought the abyss SE and Silence of the Lambs SE and Dogma. thet increases my dvd collection to 11. neat, i can't wait to have time to watch the abyss...it might not be til after i get back i suppose. anyhow, so i got home and my mom and dad had gone over to the neighbor's place. when my mom came back for something i went over there with her and hung out, ate some dinner, and there was a whipped cream fight eventually, starting with jeff and my neighbor jennifer, who supposedly started the "tradition" and they get crazy with it sometimes. anyhow, so everyone got whip creamed, it was pretty fun, i nailed my mom when she thought i was going for my dad, plus it was funny since everyone except jeff and jennifer were sitting down hoping to avoid getting whipcreamed, and so when they got my dad, he was left holding the stuff, and i grabbed some and said something like, "oh i suppose i should help out" made to put more in my dad's face, and then turned and quickly got my mom : ) that was good. later they started playing country music, so me and another neighbor, john, went to his place to watch dogma, and i asked jennifer and her friend to come. they stayed for a bit, jenn's friend was hitting on john...i'm not sure where that came from, but it was sudden, and funny almost..heh. then the rest of the people that were at jeff's house came over to ron and john's. mostly drunk and talking, so dogma was sort of a bust. ron put in starship troopers and we watched that instead, then me and john watched dogma when that was over...overall a fun night. got home about 4, wanted to start the abyss, but i was too tired. now i'm up again, and what to do?

well, either more preparation, or maybe try to see if people aren't busy today...and want to go hiking or something...anyone? offer is on the table again. might go alone this time though, not feeling like i have as much to do, so i might just relax and go...but if anyone wants to come that'd be great : )

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