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Wed, May. 31st, 2000, 02:01 am

loneliness sucks. the only way to feel better is to go surround yourelf with people you don't know and remind yourself why you don't want to know them.

and on that note i'm, off to denny's in issaquah.

Wed, May. 31st, 2000 03:23 am (UTC)

I love 'ya Ryan. Come hang out with me next time you're feeling lonely.

Wed, May. 31st, 2000 04:14 am (UTC)
holyloki: Re:

i can't call people at 2 in the morning on a day before i know they have school or somesuch thing to go do early. which is inevitably the time i would get in such a mood. so i just go out and eat and read or something, or talk to people at dennys or whatnot. if you were online and awake i might have, but alas that's not usually the way things work out. : /

thanks though, you're a pal : ] [hugs]