Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

went to folklife again today for a few minutes, then went to bamboo garden with jeff, kim, adam, carley and kim's friend sara : ) that was fun, i made kim's face hurt...and confused the hell out of sara *g*...anyhow, then i went to jeff and adam's with everyone and i ended up sleeping there for an hour or so after i had sat aorund for a while...kim got back from going to let the dog in at the house she's sitting and supposedly she licked my nose without me even blinking[while i was asleep on the couch] hrm : / wierdo! then i talked to jeff for a while and realized it was sort of late and i had to be up tomorrow[today] to work on my car and hopefully get it fixed for my trip...well, so that's a cap of today...things are just going so fast, i'm worried about getting everything done before i leave...but i'm sure i can manage. : )
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