Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

In the Passing Lane

Sunday November 1st, 1:00pm
meet at the front curb of the MCA

220 E Chicago Ave

I invite you to join in an attempt to bridge the gap between man and machine by attempting to communicate with the denizens of the road: automobiles.  We will engage in a series of common movements and sounds that we have been able to determine are their primary signifying behaviors in an attempt to pass as one of their own and thus gain access to greater understanding of what it is to be an automobile.

The performance will take place in the street.
If you feel safe and would like to join in this attempt, I invite you to do so at your own risk.  You are also free to come and observe from a distance.  Please feel free to improvise and include sounds and motions you feel might give you a greater recognizability as an automobile to the automobiles around you.  We will try to focus our attention on these machines, and only respond to other human beings and the environment as if we are automobiles.  This ostensibly means following all traffic laws, and proscribed behaviors including but not limited to yielding to pedestrians, using your turn signals or hazard lights as may be appropriate, and perhaps letting yourself be driven, or even 'jacked'.

This will begin promptly at 1:15pm.  Further instructions will be imparted at that time.

Please feel free to invite others, and to email with questions or concerns.

Ryan T. Dunn

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