Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

so i went to psiek and got ther around 9:15 or so. carley, julia, and jan were there, hung out for a while talked to julia since i hadn't seen her in forever, that was good :) and also got my head rubbed by carley hearing the ever present chants of "fuzzzzzy!" : ) then around 10:30/45 other people showed up...saw evan, faith and adam, then mark, pat, ali and erin showed up...talked to mark for a few minutes but i had promised julia id take her home so she could sleep before her test tomorrow, so i took her and said goodbye to everyone. overall a fun night, and it was getting old even though people had just started arriving, so i didn't mind leaving. i will see you all soon enough anyhow, maybe somewhere we can talk to eachother without it being so loud and difficult to hear each other. [smirk] heh...

oh wierd...i saw some guy at psiek who was a freshman at reed this year as well as i. i had never seen him before though, and so i have to guess he was one of those people who never came out of his room or did anything much more than possibly hang out with a girlfriend or whatnot. a shut-in. sort of amusing to think i came home only to meet someone i'd lived probably 500 feet from [if even that] for 8 months. [shrug] heh.

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