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Caterwaul Quarterly


We're happy to announce the release of Caterwaul Quarterly's first edition.

Please check it out at http://www.caterwaulquarterly.com

You can download a fully laid out pdf version to print out, if you'd like: http://caterwaulquarterly.com/files/pdf/caterwaulquarterlyjune2008_highres.pdf

Although we are an all volunteer collective, costs do arise. If you like our work and would like to help us continue along on our way, please consider making a contribution by clicking here: http://caterwaulquarterly.com/support

Table of Contents:

Politics & Society

Caterwaul Quarterly and the State of the American Periodical: Taking a look back, an introduction to our endeavor.
By Daniel Denvir

Iraq 2012: Will a Democratic or Republican president get us out of Iraq any time soon? The Editor of Middle East Report thinks not. By Chris Toensing

The Great American Center: Change, leadership and the smooth tranquility of post-ideological politics.
By Adam Goldstein

Between Iraq and a Hard Place: Turkey goes to war against the Kurds. In Iraq.
By Osman Balkan

Review: Black Books of Neoliberalism. Violence, confusion and economic policy implementation. A discussion of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine and David Harvey's A Brief History of Neoliberalism.
By Matt Wasserman

From the Sports Editor: Giant Steps. A look at Super Bowl XLII, personal injuries and a case for socialized medicine.
By Pete Shaw


a poem by Eric Lind

poems by Chalcedony Wilding

Lunch box
a poem by Chalcedony Wilding

Tar Takes a Picture
a short story by Robert Y. Rabiee

Review: But how explicit does it really need to be? Sex is not just a sensation in Walter Mosley's Killing Johnny Fry
By Katarzyna Bartoszynska

The Beard
a short story by Matthew Broad


Amateur Hour
a short film by Ryann Liebenthal

Palestine & Palestinians: A Culture of Survival Amidst a Ravaged Geography photos by Umayyah Cable

Moiré patterns: textiles, wallpaper, nature / colors, patterns, and designs.
Three Paintings by Julie Opperman

The Life and Times of Peppi Feller: Peppi Feller has lived in the same apartment in Brooklyn, New York for over fifty years. photos by Shulamit Seidler-Feller

Heard Over Sandcastles: A study in transience sounds by Ryan Dunn

Review: Irony in Spanish Eighties Pop. Why was Spanish eighties music so funny? Nicholas Callaway

Scaterwaul Quarterly: Amuse yourself with the musings of an inquisitive tampon. cartoon by Celeste Broderick

Popular Science

Bread of Black Gold: Mycoremediation in the Amazon: Cleaning up Texaco's Amazon oil mess with mushrooms. by Brian Pace

Will Zetia Save Your Heart? Questions mount over the failure of a widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering drug.
by Ben Pedroja

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