Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

more seattle showness w/ Disjunct

August, 11 2007 at Splinter Squid IV (Seattle) - Bands from all over PacNW except Seattle!
1235 Westlake Ave, SS MARIE ANTOINETTE -- Seattle, Washington
Cost : 5

PsychForm Records presents: SPLINTER SQUID AFFAIR IV SS MARIE ANTOINETTE AUGUST 11TH FROM 1PM til 8PM $5.00 to 10.00$ Donation Please (come on...10$ for 20 bands that have all braved borders and WaSPs to entertain us for 7 hours...I’d say thats a deal!) BBQ TIME AGAIN!!! This time around...prepare to be amazed, shocked and grossed out by some of the finest acts the NW outside of Seattle has to offer (in no particular order...): Invertebrate (formerly Rotted Brain) (Eugene) Oscillating Innards (PDX) Eraritjaritjaka (Eugene) Redglaer (PDX) The Rita (Vancouver BC) Disjunct (PDX) Flatgrey (Vancouver BC) Suicidal Tendons (Kelso Wa) Sick Buildings (Vancouver BC) Spellcaster (Denver) Coastal (Victoria BC) Sisprum Vish (PDX) I Died (Eugene) Rusalka (Vancouver BC) Argumentix (PDX) Taskmaster (Vancouver BC) Dave Kendall (LA) Frozen Body (PDX) Hobby Knife! (Eugene) Cracked Dome (Kelso Wa) Brutophillia (Victoria BC) Come and see the sounds, hear the sights, taste the noise... Early Show folks, note the 1PM start time and the 8PM end time. Bring Goodies to throw on the barbie, bring beer, bring lots o love for these out o towners....they’s here ta show us a thing er two!

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