Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

well, went to watch labyrinth at kim's last night and that didn't happen, but instead we stayed up until i took her to the airport at 5...and then i slept all day. went to emission control, they were closed, found out antifreeze has been leaking through the AC into my car...so THAT's why the passenger side floor feels all greasy...hrm...then i got a part for my car...tomorrow i think i'm going to put that in, although i dont think it will help, and then see if my dad's autocrazy friends can help figure out what that open tube is supposed to connect to so it doesn't mess up any more...i just hope the whole AC doesn't have to be replaced...it might mean i won't be going on my road trip...no damnit, i'll borrow money from someone if i have to...i'm going.
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