Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


i just spent the last few hours having incredibly fucked up dreams.

you were in one of the sequences, and you were, and you. yes, you.

you were probably part of a renegade group of men fighting kelsey grammar (who started a war in the presence of a bunch of children playing playground games)


you were eliot sharron who went schizo and tried to kill me with a fork on an airplane


you were working in an office where you asserted that i could indeed get the job of being fed to the finger that ran the office


you were trying to get me to build a bridge across an empty expanse, out to a flimsy mobile over the playground


you were with me driving back and forth from the woods to the city in a most calm fashion


we had sex or almost had sex and then maniacally searched the city and evaded the pursuit of a crazy old man who wanted to trap us in his apartment


you were my cousin who died and i was looking through old jewelry of a relative and seeing that you had secretly been a transvestite


we tried escaping from giant ice bridges/slides in the middle of nowhere


you were a dead friend who told me indeed that he had made the STNG themed video art i'd seen another friend playing with earlier in my dream, and that no, I guess he wasn't actually dead.

All these things happened in my dreams the past few hours. I can't quite put them all together, and there's more I'm not sure how to describe. None of this list necessarily happened in the order described. I'm lucky I got this much out of it. If I see you and you ask me I'm sure I could ramble on about more of it.

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