Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

I've spent about the last hour looking at photographs taken by one of the clients at my work. He was an airplane mechanic during the Vietnam War, and he took a large number of photgraphs telling the story of his experience; everything from travel and life in his base and in the village near the base, to smoking opium, his vietnamese girlfriend (he was married at the time, to a girl he left behind), and glamour pictures of his friends smoking joints. He even has pictures from rehab when he got back(!). Most of the pictures are typical memory shots, but a few have something special to them. Regardless, they are an interesting jaunt through one man's experience as part of a war, especially as someone who probably didn't have to contend with the death and destruction he was inherently a part of. Almost all the pictures are calm and somewhat oblivious to the nature of his presence, a truly honest look at the situation in which he and his friends found themselves. I am planning on helping him scan as many as possible next weekend. If he can understand and agrees, I'll share them with the internet. Surely I will inform.

Tags: kms

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