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Wed, Mar. 21st, 2007, 11:30 am
Show 3/23

Disjunct will be playing live for the first time in ~5 months.

Also, Otiose Octopi is having a release party for their new double CD

2334 E Burnside

Do NOT BYOB - Captured by Porches

Start Time: 8PM Sharp.

Argumentix (PDX)
Cepheloatomok (PDX)
Disjunct (PDX)
Emaciator (LA)
Haircut Mountain Transit (LA)
Mood Ring (PDX)
Mustaphamond (PDX)
Nkondi (PDX)
Otiose Octopi (PDX)
Paraquat (PDX)
Privy Seals (LA)
Persiflage (SEA)
Robotic Daly (PDX)
Silver Creme (PDX)

Wed, Mar. 21st, 2007 07:22 pm (UTC)

you forgot to post the date of the party!

Wed, Mar. 21st, 2007 07:27 pm (UTC)

fixed, thanks : )

Fri, Mar. 23rd, 2007 05:13 am (UTC)

is this the one at the pink house tomorrow(friday the 23d) or has this one already passed?

Fri, Mar. 23rd, 2007 06:44 am (UTC)

No, the show at the pink house has only two named bands...Nostalgia and something else. Theirs is a benefit for some new warehouse space.

this is just to have music. white house at the corner of 24th and burnside.

Fri, Mar. 23rd, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)

I dont know who you think it is, but if it helps i have no clue who you are either.

any hoo I may make it to both shows...if not have fun and if your playing good luck.

Fri, Mar. 23rd, 2007 09:29 am (UTC)

is this who i think it is?

Sat, Mar. 24th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)

I play with Ogo as Disjunct.