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I just finished with what will probably be my last interview today, but one never knows.

This morning my lawyers and I filed a tort claim notice against the city of Portland in regard to my arrest at the protest on October 5th. KXL 750am, and tv Channels 2 and 6 were there to capture the scene and to interview (apparently I was on the 12noon news). I also spoke with KPAM 860am and just got off the phone with KBOO 90.7fm for their show at 5pm.

I knew there would be possible media attention, but I'm not sure what's to come. My arrest was apparently shown again tuesday on channel 8 in preparation for the protest that happened this sunday. 16 people were arrested, for god knows what, and my housemate was knocked to the ground as police charged the crowd without provocation, again. It's strange, I thought perhaps there wouldn't be too much of a fuss, but perhaps people want to hear about this more than I thought. It certainly is exactly what I've been taking it as: a brilliant opportunity to call for greater accountability. Whether receiving orders or not, an officer's participation in an act and the manner in which they execute their orders should still maintain the highest order of lawfulness. Any less is unacceptable. Police power games are the last thing we need in this country, right now especially.

I think this mirrors the manner in which we should consider military service. Blind chains of command are never the way to enforce democracy. Simply spoken, the ends do not justify the means, folks.

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