Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Bicycle Transportation Alliance Fundraiser and Award Ceremony

Saturday I attended the Bicycle Transportation Alliance's Alice B. Toeclips Award Ceremony and fundraiser with Sabrina. I rode my bike for the first time in months (I've been lazy in the rain) and we got there and were able to change in the locker room at Sabrina's work. I took a lot of pictures, as I was mostly at a loss for schmoozing. The food was good, except for the desert being slathered in nuts, of which I cannot partake. I did meet some nice folks despite my social anxiety, and some of the people at our table were old lovers of experimental music. They reminded me of older versions of some of my friends and they were right on my wavelength. : )

Lots of Reedies were in attendance, and a classmate of mine gave away the awards. I can't say I was able to contribute to the cause, as I am not so wealthy, but I did enjoy my evening and hope I can help out with my documentation.

Here's the gallery.

First thing there, Sabrina scolded me for saying 'bitchass' too loud, or perhaps at all. I guess I'm just not society-broken.

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