Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

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Weird Dream - Chloroquine still on track.

I've dreamt about having this spider bite (deadly after 48 hours untreated), where I have to go down into a secret ventilation shaft in a semi-abandoned building in order to find the antidote in these underground chambers, which happens to be another spider. The passageways have been contained in a number of different buildings, but this time when I went down them, I was with two other people and a pet snake, named Rawr. First there was an unexpected old woman in the tunnels, and then, once I got close to where I knew I could find the room with the spiders I was looking for, I realized the whole place had been remodeled and there were no spiders. A huge group of wealthy people were there and during the attempt to avoid being seen I discovered that the woman who had renovated was my mother. Eventually, trying to figure out where the location I was looking for may have been exactly, I was caught and burst into tears telling her my story and how I was going to die because of the renovations she had done. She didn't seem to believe it,denied any responsibility, and I ran off looking around the place again for any sign of hope just before I woke up.

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