Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Reconditioning, step one

I have always had a lingering view of travel as something just outside my reach. Too costly, too planned, and too indulgent. I have driven myself around the country a fair amount, though nothing to be amazed by, and yet ultimately I've only taken one international trip, and it was taken spontaneously with nary a thought to where to stay, what to eat, or how to communicate. Tokyo was a blast. Travel has fallen into my lap again.

This time it's a little more planned, though I've primarily left that to the judgement of another, and I'm going to see where it all takes me. Belize...I had to look it up to remember where it is. My coworker's sister was there for grad school, and he had to look it up to remember where it is. I think I put my trust in the right person though, because it seems a very interesting place after all, composed of a mix of ethnicities from locally to internationally, having more or less recently become its own nation, and yet being a portion of the ancient home of the Maya. My companion being a pleasant concern as well (not to mention the weather). : )

I'll be leaving earlyearly January 15th, and returning latelate the 21st.

I have little to say at this point except what I've said. Wikipedia has been a wealth of knowledge. Hopefully I'll have more to say and show when I return.

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