Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

I just woke up

I've been having kinda fucked up dreams since I went back to sleep around 10...

Two instances of such are battles with demons.

The first one, which may have indeed (supposed to have) been the devil, was captured by use of a black candle which emitted thick red 'blood' as smoke. The snake the demon had turned into was crawling over the ceiling and as the liquid emerged and floated upwards I was able to guide it into the path of the snake, thus thwarting it and eventually making it fall from the ceiling (which was a bit frightening, as it was suddenly in the bed with me and slithering through the covers). I was able to lucid dream at this point and wrapped it up in the blankets, directing my compatriots to draw a pentagram and I threw it in the middle, and they put candles down. This one ended when I fully woke up, and honestly I was a little relieved.

The second dream was far more complicated and included a camera with some strange (as in I have no idea why pictures of this would have been on my camera—I chalked it up having lent my card to someone else) pictures on it, and a lab in the basement of a building where first I was watching a strange film, and second we were analyzing a prehuman skeleton. We had two skeletons, actually, one of which burst into flames spontaneously, leaving it charred, while the other maintained its state, but all its hairs (I know there shouldn't be hairs on it) had disappeared except for its eyelashes. Meanwhile, the scientist (for lack of better description) and my friend were both going and coming from the room. Due to the sensitivity of what we were studying, the door had to be locked whenever they came or left. Eventually they were coming and going at a breakneck pace, and I was fumbling with the half-functional lock several times a moment. Something happened in the hallway. People began screaming and the sound of beasts and the rending of flesh became prominent. I had already been nervous about my ability to close the door, and the top of the door fell open (a ventilation door, or whatnot?). I ran to close it as quickly as I could, but in the process a beast noticed me through the frosted window, and I quickly backed away, grabbing a chair. The last thing that happened before I woke up was me hitting it across the face to nigh any effect...

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