Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

well, i had a day in with my family yesterday...we went to see gladiator, my sister my dad and i...that was a decent movie for its cinematography and for the plot. but it wasn't a movie to watch over and over...good emo movie though...it really did what it set out to do. heh, yay feelie. : /

after that we went to dinner and my parents reverted to typical parental pride, which pisses me off and so i was in a bad mood most of the time we were at dinner...we came home, i got online for a bit then i went to kim's where i was unfortunately subjected to the end-of-movie crqap for american pie...i really would rather nevber watch that movie...anyhow, so then i talked to killian for a few hours on the porch, and then came in and tried to talk kim inot going to denny's with me...but NOOOO...she was too tired and too "out of it" she said...hrm...well, fell asleep after that and woke and such and now i'm still here and probably heading home after a while...we'll see.
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