Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

What I did with my evening, unexpectedly

Oh yeah...

So, (If you haven't, please listen to my voice posts)

I was violently arrested(pictures)

a few minutes after I stopped recording. I thought I was recording when they suddenly rushed onto the sidewalk and took me out, but it didn't work, for one reason or another... The specifically targeted me and came after me at the beginning of their attack. I think I hurt the feelings of the officers by demanding their accountability. One officer appeared to be near tears. There are pictures of the ones who came after me. They are in the second to last photo. The guy in that one and the last photo was the person noted for shooting bean bag rounds into/at the crowd, while the officer closest (in pic 09, the person who shot these must have been right next to me) and another not pictured (clearly) took me down by slamming me into the store window while shooting at the crowd to either side.

After I had been taken by each arm and lifted away, I said outright that I was not resisting. They then proceeded to needlessly apply force, pulling on my beard and bending my fingers back after commanding me to put my hands behind my back and simultaneously forcing me to be unable to comply. The middle finger on my right hand is in quite a bit of pain, though not broken. I can't help but think of the stoned business professor telling the story of how the middle finger salute came about (to eliminate the ability of french longbowsmen to string a bow).

I thought I had phone post going during the incident but it didn't work......at the end of the last voice post I was on the sidewalk talking to a friend. At the end of what should have been the last voice post, I was restrained on the ground after having been unnecessarily mauled by a whole group of officers.




One beanbag round? Try at least three fired to each side, just in order to take little ol' me.

I don't particularly have the energy to get into everything right now as I have to go downtown at 10 to try to get my ID (which disappeared from my wallet). When I was given my wallet back the officer in the cage said it wasn't in there, and she opened the sealed pouch for some reason or another before giving it to me...I also have to retrieve my bag, which has my phone in it if it's still in one piece, as well as other uninteresting things (notebooks, books, etc). Then I have to be in court at 1:45.

Luckily when I got out there were a number of supportive faces, and then I was able to catch Matt before he left 1st Thursday...

Overall, it was pretty ridiculous. But then, I suppose I tend to classify a lot of things as such. This time, however, it was a fair amount more than ridiculous.

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