Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

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Recursive Patterning

A couple weeks ago I was discussing the theory behind my work with interference patterns with Ogo, trying to bridge a gap between the mathematical backing of my interest and the aesthetic appeal of the reification of that interest, and found myself attempting to explain Steven Wolfram.

Well, I just found myself doing a google search for disjunct, and the third entry is (at present) a link to a page intending to be a definition of Disjunct on mathworld.wolfram.com

However, since there is no definition of the simpler term, here is the next most useful page (which does define mathematical disjunct—the conjunction of a thing and it's opposite), Disjunctive Normal Form.

I hadn't noticed the Wolfram link before...perhaps it only became conspicuous because I'd recently been discussing him?
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