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Coincidences abound

I had an awful dream about Reed this morning before I woke up. Final semester of thesis, but right now, and I was an HA but failing at it (I got back to Reed late and all the kids had already moved in and the dorm was a dump), and I was slacking and had a whole different idea for what my thesis was, still living at the Asia. After wandering around for a while trying to figure out what was going on, I ran into an ex who hugged me and told me she loved me when I said I thought she was gone...I was confused and asked her to repeat herself but she just said that I heard what she said and then smiled and continued jogging away. Also, Michael Knutson was to be my thesis advisor and he made fun of me for going to a revival??? I told him I went because the speaker was a good rhetorician, but he didn't care because I bought a t-shirt.

By the end, though, I finally got all my dorm kids together and was talking to them and it was going alright. So, I wasn't totally stressed out when I woke up, but I still had a hell of a time getting going on anything this morning.

My dreams affect me way too heavily, I think.

And oh look, I guess I stopped iTunes on a song about dreams earlier today...
And, I'm about to go to Reed to drink free beer. Fancy that.
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