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Mutant Fest was awesome. I can't explain well enough what basically almost all of you reading this missed out on.

Where else can you go from crazy outdoor black metal around a fire to Olympia electropunk in a geodesic dome, to performance art and throat singing by the fabulous Soriah as the sun rises. On the way to his performance, I spoke to Soriah at length and confirmed that he intentionally riled the frogs in the Reed canyon by recording them and replaying that so he could sing with them. Excellent! Not to mention everything that wasn't just Saturday night, and that I don't particularly want to get all the way into right now.

Last night Ogo and I waited to play our second set of the festival (the first, at Katabatik, went amazingly well and I'll get it uploaded to the site as soon as I can get the file from Ogo #poke poke#) at Tea Camp, and we got shut off. We set up and waited to play for at least an hour only to have the sound guy failing to be able to set our levels properly, resulting in the owner of the speakers pulling the plug. That and I think the noise was too undanceable for the high folks in the audience...heh. We only played for maybe a minute before this happened. That's a personal record.
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