Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


I find myself in strange places, dreaming even stranger dreams.

I can't recall the context for the following scene, but it was purely amazing, and while still dreaming I noted to myself that I needed to remember it.

Someone poured a liquid into a large glass cauldron of sorts, rounded edges at the bottom, with a slightly smaller circumference at the top, with a bulbous lip. After putting a small layer of this fluid in the bottom, they covered it with a sheet of paper, scrunching it in over the liquid to create a seal. After this they lit the paper, and 2D fountains of color streamed out of the container. They undulated with different colors, expanding and overtaking one another in the most remarkable way, until the colors disappeared and turned into an abundance of children's toys. The people around me seemed happy about this and began to play, but I was disappointed that this miraculous display had ceased, though pleased at my compatriots' enjoyment.

Later, I found myself in the parking lot of my high school, where some creature was crawling up my leg. About the size of a cat, it had feathered decorative fronds coming from its hind legs and ears, and both a mouth like a tazmanian devil's and tongue like an anteater's. It then proceeded to talk and tell me it was related to an anteater. I decided it was friendly and I wanted to keep it around, so I let it climb up my leg. It had somewhat sharp claws but I let it climb anyway, until it started taunting me with its teeth. It was teasingly trying to bite me as I brushed it's mouth back over and over right before I woke up.

Very visually rich dreams last night.

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