Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


Chris' housewarming party last night was exactly what I needed. I had a fabulous time, talked to people, felt good about myself, and got drunk. Whoop!

I rode my bike to Ned's beforehand, talked myself out of a funk, then Alice and Aaron showed up with more of Alice's stuff. Their new place is great, and I really like the location. Only a few blocks from Chris' new place, it's in a neighborhood I've had the fortune to get to know better and have begun to really appreciate. If I found a place over in that area I'd really dig it, though I've been appreciating my house and housemates quite a bit more lately as well. Wednesday night Devo's friend Alex even asked if we're going to have more shows at the Asia, and maybe following through with turning it into a rockin' venue needs to be done. A hiatus after the incident in December was needed, and this goal needs to be reinitiated.

I left the party earlier than I might have since I had to work in the morning, and riding my bike home drunk was super fun. I like that biking places makes it easier to make sudden changes in my plans. For the second time in the last week I exerted my forgotten sponaneity skills (which I'd been missing to the detriment of my happiness) and stopped in at Dot's. I really like that place, or at least their border melts. I got myself one of those and was surprised at being greeted by a guy I met at AMF and then reacquainted myself with while bowling with one of the clients a few months ago. We talked about PanZen's plan for AMF, and he told me they've been asked to scout this year. He seemed interested in teaming up with Cacophony to create a double stage facing in opposing directions. I think this sounds like a good idea, especially since it would mean a larger contingency to watch gear and we won't find ourselves in some of the awkward posiitions we found ourselves in last year. I also think we need to start talking to noise and other music folks to get them out to play and really beef up the discordant presence.

This weekend is going to be music filled, band practice today with Ogo, noise busking tomorrow with Jake (downtown on the island across from Powell's sometime after 2 if you want to come witness the spectacle). In the next few days Chris and I are going to head to eastern Oregon for a little bit to visit the oldest and largest mushroom (I guess?). I am excited to get out of town, and I think I will be documenting our trip. It seems like a good opportunity to pull out my cameras, which I haven't been doing enough. Too often the thought of dealing with footage after the fact keeps me from acquiring it in the first place, but I am remembering my sponaneity and it is welcome.

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