Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Dream transitions part II

So, after work today I continued the wonder of my day.

I rode my bike downtown, went to ArtMedia to get some airbrush bottles and Powell's to pick up a book that was tragically lost one fateful night in february. I also picked up Broken Word, a book of poetry by local Portland poets (at least one of you is in there, but I haven't gotten to your section yet). It was good to read Doug and Alice again after so long. I mssed them both, and I think I'm going to have to start going to the Alberta reading...

On my way back home, I stopped at Vincente's, where I had a couple slices of pizza, a couple beers, and read Dubliners. And, to my surprise and unexpected joy, one of the kids from the after school progam I worked at last year wandered in. I have always wondered if I'd run into any of them, and there you have it. His random appearance, while I finally let myself sit back and enjoy for a bit was just perfect. It was super cute—his hair and hat were exactly like his dad's, braided ponytail and bike hat. He was trying to moonwalk too.

So, I got to eat pesto pizza (which I can't usually, but their pesto was lacking pine nuts to my very pleasant surprise) and drink a couple beers, and nearly nod off after only one of the beers. Terminal Gravity IPA is so tasty. Anyhow, I went home, visited Matt to show him the poetry book, and went home to catch a few winks before heading to the show tonight (Alias + Tarsier).

I woke up sometime in the middle of my nap, just after having dreamed a couple people went out my window onto the roof, so I woke up and followed them. Not too surprisingly, there was no one out there except a couple crows who were not happy about my invasion of their world. When I tried to talk to them, they became rather upset and began to call out and flit from place to place before maniacally wheeling overhead, all the while crowing their lungs out. I decided it was time to head back inside before they dropped any bombs, and went back to sleep.

Matt woke me up with his mini harmonica and we went to the show. It was excellent. I saw the last two songs of each opening act, and the rest of the time hung out with my coworker Dan's friends, while feeling kind of awkward, mostly because for the majority of the time there was no chair, so I was left to hover over the table, only half hearing anythig that was being said.

But, Alias and Tarsier were awesome. Very relaxing and beautiful. Alias' beat/production skill are top, and the rest of the band was really on cue. I laid back and drifted away while their sweeping environments and vocals backed up a fine end to a much needed day of personal enjoyment. I even reacquainted myself to a neighbor and will probably attend his housewarming/birthday party this coming weekend.

Okay, to bed. I have to work again in the morning, and apparently the owner is going to be there, so I've got to be up in time to shower and make nice. Eep.

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