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I woke up exceptionally early this morning (4am!). Despite having slept rather irregularly for the past four or five days, I slept for four hours and woke feeling rested, though I admit to having had a fairly strong desire to return to sleep.

Regardless, the first thing I noticed upon waking was the absence of my computer. It always startles me, the lack of noise in my room when it's off, but its total lack was amazingly calming. Perhaps I was sent back to the days when I had my computer in my studio, tucked away from my dream self. It also creates a sense of calm. My computer is both a blessing and a curse. It calls to me night and day to be aware of what it might have to tell me. It causes social anxiety and keeps me social all at once. I think it will be nice to have it gone this week. I think it was nice having it in my basement for the first few months of this year, since it meant I didn't have it hovering over me whenever I was in my room. I wish our basement was secure so I could use it as a workspace: computing, painting, playing, and writing. I always forget what a nice thing it is to be able to separate one's spaces.

On that note, I have been thinking of moving lately, and I know what I want out of my new place. The problem is, I don't know if I can afford it. I have a potential roommate, but she's in the same boat. Hopefully she gets the job she's looking at so the finances will be more flexible. Otherwise, I may have to find a place on my own. It's getting to that point. I've lived at the Asia for two years at the end of the summer, and I need a change. I got what I needed from that house but now, for a number of reasons, it's beginning to bring me down a bit. Primarily I want a somewhat spacious, naturally lit studio space where I can set up a computer workstation, my drawing table, cabinets for tools and materials, a corner for music, and walls I can hang paintings on while I work on them. Open space in the middle, and room for a chair or couch would be optimal as well. On top of that I need a bedroom/relaxation space, ideally not too far from the studio space, and a kitchen of some sort. Bathroom optional... ; ) It would be nice to be able to be loud in this place. But I'm afraid I'm asking for too much, especially for what I can afford...

A warehouse space might be a good solution, but that sounds expensive and not all that comfortable. Also, most of those aren't legal residences. That also might mean living with more than one other person, which I'm not sure I want to do right now, if again.

Oy, and I don't even want to start talking about money. : /

O, Dreams, you lead into a wilderness broad and regal. And that was what I awoke from: wilderness. It's been a recurring theme lately. I really need to go backpacking. Stat.

In the meantime, once the weather permits I want to go golfing again! : D
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