Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

A way to wake up

This morning brought replies from two people I've been needing to mend things with, whether it be long or short frame, and I feel really good. It's nice to know my crazy socially incapable self hasn't totally driven away the people I care about. This morning isn't everything, as I've had some other really good interactions with important friends I'd grown apart from in the past few days, but this was quite quite quite a capper. That last bit sounds like a line from a musical of my life...damn, now I'm going to be singing that all day.

On a different note, Imaginary Heroes is a really good movie, and Sunset Boulevard, for the second last night, is great as always, though I admit I fell asleep trying to watch it again—but I made it much further this time. In fact I think I'll try to find where I rolled over and went to sleep and finish it now.

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