Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


I really have got to start turning this radio station on when I'm at my computer. I feel like my music awareness has gone drastically downhill.

***abandoned post***


I had a wonderful day. I've been ignoring my friends far too much.

Today I:

Had the derailer checked on my new bike,
Went and visited Ned while he worked from home and ate some lunch,
Had oysters and dinner with Alison and Kate,
Watched my friends the Dendrites put on an awesome performance at Hovercraft for first thursday,
Hung out and talked to Ogo about the future of Disjunct, art and life,
Watched my friends put on an awesome play transposing an after school special about 'Going All the Way' into theater, replete with video and audible television noise.

I felt really good, I talked to some folks on a really straightforward level that has been waiting to happen, and I made some great plans. I am honestly happy for the first time in over a month. The things worrying me have even taken a drastic downturn, and I have no real complaints. I complimented people today. This is something I need to be more intentional (work language is flooding in) about.

Now, to take my semi-drunken ass to bed. : )

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