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Fri, May. 12th, 2000, 01:52 pm

alright...5 and a half pages...i'm makin good time..and i'm not sure how much longer it will be...it could end up being quite a bit...but maybe only the 2 and a half more i'm imagining. it depends on how long it takes me to say what i want to say.[shrug] plus i have plenty of time. i mean i've only been working for about an hour and a half and have about 2 and a half pages more...plus i messed about for a bit too...of course i guess i will continue ot have periodic messing about, like this, so i guess i have to factor that in...well, at least unitl it becomes 4 and i haven't concluded yet *g*...then i think it's safe to assume that i won't mess about anymore *g*