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Tue, Nov. 1st, 2005 03:23 am (UTC)
holyloki: Re: Something about the way ...


Your husband may not be making these types of videos, but the soldiers that are making them are flaunting unrestricted power which is intended only for killing.

I believe your husband has as much choice as anyone else what he does with his life, and this war has been motvated by nothing but greed. I don't think he made appropriate decisions by vowing unqualified allegiance to a military force. I believe there should be an out clause for our soliders. No one should be held as a deserter if they have a conscientious objection to the orders they are given, but seeing how your husband joined up with a force that holds up violence as a just means, I have no pity for his decisions. There are many ways to protect our freedoms other than joining a military body.

Their sacrifice does nothing for my freedom, and everything for the riches of the elite. The Nazis were not formed to exterminate Jews, they were formed to create riches for those in power. Fascism is never just about illogical power, but is defined as being coupled with governmental finance. Mass murder was just an unstoppable side-effect and moral booster for the idiots who followed behind, which if we are not vigilant right now in our country, we may find happening here in our 'free' nation.

If you're so proud, why didn't you sign your comment? Are you ashamed or a coward?

I fight my fight, and your husband fights his. I choose to fight mine with words and not guns, and I gain nothing from my voice but my voice.