Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Overload return

Tomorrow, Friday, July 15th. Back-to-Back Cafe - 614 E.
Burnside. 7pm-11pm.
$3 suggested donation

fraqtured : sound
i/o vs. instinct control
nostalgia vs. the universe(?)

I'll be playing with Ogo (i/o) who will be playing a contact mic on a television with preset modes, while i play my usual assortment of microphones through delay and refeeding their own output. Dynamic generative loop playing physical space and gap communicate electronic instrumentation.

I highly recommend seeing that performance if nothing else.

We'll also be playing on the 22nd at The Know microtheater, on Alberta.

see http://events.iokaos.net for more info.
Tags: music, show
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