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Laurie Anderson!

Anyone want to go on a small road trip to see Laurie Anderson at what will probably be a nice little intimate event?

I am REALLY into going, and I have vehicle.

The first artist in residence at NASA.
The superstar of international performance art:
Laurie Anderson,
touches down among the redwoods in a benefit concert for the Henry Miller Library!

At the H.M. Library, Tuesday, July 26th at 8 PM
(Details about food, drink, silent auction etc. TBA)

The word is now going out far and wide. (it's just a little over two weeks away)!

Please let your neighbors and friends know quick, limited seating - it will sell out.

Get your tickets NOW.

Details/Tickets etc. here: http://www.henrymiller.org/LatestNews.html

or by calling 831-667-2574

Thank you! Hope to see you at this exceptional event.
(Laurie Anderson is doing a special benefit performance just for the H.M. Library and the Redwoods!).
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