Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


Last night I missed seeing Pat because I had forget my agreement to work the PTA meeting child care. However, I ended up bringing my tape player in and the kids were fascinated by the manual circuit bending. They didn't really get what was going on, but they loved playing with it.

Tonight I stayed late to watch the 3rd-5th grade music performance. It was kind of fabulous to be there without a kid of my own and watch the parents with their tired or exaggerated responses to the kids. Then I got home to find my digital recorder waiting for me. I saw the FedEx truck drive by on Gladstone (arterial perpendicular to my street) as I was leaving for work so I stayed for a few minutes, thinking it would be at my house soon, but I waited 15 minutes and it was nowhere to be found. That seems a little odd to me.

Anyhow, off to play with my recorder.

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