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Tonight I played a live show in Portland. I would have said something but I didn't know if it was going to happen.

Ivar was setting it up because our friend Jay was involved with the event and had directed him to the coordinator, but then he started driving the cab and I think he let it slide. Jay had suggested though that I might also play, so at the last minute tonight I drove down to Backspace and, finding a guy I had met a few months ago (right after I stopped drinking) who introduced me to Ogo, the coordinator. Ogo said it was possible that I might play later on in the night and then around midnight he let me know the 2:00 show had cancelled and I was able to set up and play.

Some other guys were kind of setting up and playing after I had played solo for a bit and we jammed until I realized that when I stopped the dynamicism died entirely, so I started packing up.

There was a photographer so hopefully I will soon have some photos of the live show, and I will be sure to post a link.

For now I'm tired and I'm going to go to cuddly sleepishness.

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