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Xanth ~~~Geek warning~~~

Today at work I was playing Connect Four with one of the kids and two sisters next to us asked the girl I was playing with if she'd ever read Xanth.

I turned and responded with, "What? Did you say Xanth? Those totally aren't appropriate for kids!"

To which the reply was that their mom was reading it to them.

"She skips parts, and changes things- mostly Grundy Golem."
Yeah, and other things...

A 4th & a 3rd grader. I told them I was reading those in 3rd grade and that they're really good reading for kids around that age who are quite a bit advanced in their reading level. The older one was a little astonished that I was reading them then anyhow, and I added again, "those books aren't for kids, well, mostly."

I told the 4th grader that I think Piers isn't a very good writer despite his creativity and she countered with, "I dunno, I think they're good words." Hehe.

Right now their mom is reading them Night Mare. (I wonder how long it will take before they get to The Color of Her Panties and whether their mom will skip that one. Or even Heaven Cent, which has a pretty close call on describing sex.)

I told them about my longest standing/remembered amusement, which has to do with reverse wood because Iris was the last standing human king in that book—

"What happens when Iris holds reverse wood? Does she dispel illusion or create reality?"

I'm not sure they understood the gesture.

But of course if she could create reality it might be a cheap trick. Might. I try to hold the reverse wood all the time as an artist.

If I were a few years younger I might have been compelled to reread one of them, but, I think that's a bad idea. Though, now they probably read in less than a day.

Piers Anthony, unfortunately, isn't a very good writer. It's true. In fact, he can be downright awful. But I must say, I think a lot of his later books are just fleshed out by him and then ghostwritten. His ideas often stand out fairly (if not incredibly) well, but christ, the language is downright atrocious at times. The imagination is sometimes top notch, but the language needs some serious work. I read DoOon Made this summer because I wanted to finish the series and it was really bad. : /

Sorry Piers, I used to love you, but I'm not 8-13 anymore. If you want you can prove me wrong. I know you love the computers—maybe you'll find this post.

I'm glad Xanth is still appreciated by the young.

It's funny that this time I hear about Xanth it's being directly edited by the Adult Conspiracy. My parents never did know, and I'm sure never will.

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